Improvement Oriented Ecosystem

The Culture Insights project aims to bring institutions together towards common goals in an improvement-oriented network. The goal of collective improvement is enabled in this project through self–monitoring, collaboration and sharing good practice among arts and culture practitioners.

In addition to ongoing real-time access to results benchmarked by nation and institution type, in-depth analysis conducted by the advisory board is made available to participating organizations through regular research publications.

Community Community

Facilitate sharing information community.

Evaluation Evaluation

Improve community with good information.

Publication Publication

Report findings through publications.

The Culture Insights research initiative aims to improve practices globally for audience development, and support awareness and engagement within the general public.

Culture Insights uses established social science research and evaluation methods to facilitate the research capabilities required for this global mission.

timelineFacilitate sustainable & effective impact evaluation

This project addresses common constraints and acute limitations to robust, quality and effective audience research and impact evaluation (e.g. Jensen 2014).

cameraEnsure high quality & standardized impact measures

The Culture Insights research initiative extends survey designs and methods from recent global research projects (Moss, Jensen & Gusset 2015). Information collected in this initiative supports better understanding of key areas for audience research.

nature_peopleImprove arts & culture impacts

Culture Insights connects to the community of practice, ensuring audience insights are useful, shareable, and effectively measure audience experiences, cultural awareness and learning impacts (e.g. Dawson & Jensen 2011).

touch_appUse technology to enable positive change

Partipating arts and culture organizations are empowered by strong evidence delivered efficiently through automated impact evaluation, with real-time and ongoing insights into audience experience and outcome, meaningful comparisons and global sector benchmarks.

done_all Next step:

Review Sector Benchmarking

The cornerstone of Culture Insights research initiative is its benchmarking capabilities.


Project Inquiry

Representatives from interested stakeholders are invited to submit inquiries.